Reduce your case turnaround times via open digital pathology.

Digital pathology is more than simple image viewing and evaluation. It is about streamlining case management by exploiting advances in image digitization and solution interoperability to ensure the accelerated return of patient results.

Dynamyx™ Fujifilm Digital Pathology

Is your lab open to accelerated diagnoses?

Open Architecture

Dynamyx™ represents the world’s only truly open, vendor-agnostic, end-to-end digital pathology solution.

  • Utilize your preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies with a confidence of full compatibility.
  • Draw on Dynamyx™ approved digital pathology partner program for productised integrations with leading ecosystem vendors.
  • Reduce the overall cost of digitisation by maximizing the value of prior and future investments in adjacent technologies.

Whole Slide Image Scanning Dynamyx™ integrates with the globe’s leading manufacturers of whole slide image (WSI) scanners empowering customers to arrive at their preferred blend of scanner technologies based on their most important use-cases, current and projected case throughput volumes, and laboratory workspace considerations.

Image Analysis Solutions Dynamyx™ offer productised integrations, comprehensive software development kits (SDK) and an open API by which customers can utilise all relevant best-of-breed image analysis tools directly from within the Dynamyx™ workflow. While pre-packaged with a wealth of diagnostic aids and workflow algorithms as standard, the open architecture of Dynamyx™ mean the institution and laboratory possess the requisite foundation to take a pick-and-mix approach to adopting artificial intelligence.

Information Systems Dynamyx™ affords a seamless bi-directional message exchange with the Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) and reporting system to ensure the pathologist has immediate access to all necessary results, notes and file attachments required to render and report their diagnosis.

Non-Scanner Imaging From the surfacing of macro-images derived from the grossing room during slide preparation, through to the integration of the traditional microscope into the digital workflow via augmented reality, Dynamyx™ is able to integrate all relevant imaging solutions contributing to the timely and safe execution of histology case work.

Diagnose Anytime, Anywhere

Dynamyx™ delivers the essential case allocation, real-time collaboration and outsourcing functionality critical to reducing the time to diagnosis.

  • Automate allocation of work based on case complexity, capacity and the specialism of the end pathologist.
  • Manage potential throughput bottlenecks via improved workload visibility and intelligent workflows.
  • Accelerate reporting of complex cases by accessing immediate second opinions.
  • Scale output at peak or during times of crisis through remote-working and digital outsourcing.

AI Automated Workflows

Dynamyx™ provides the requisite framework for laboratories to both build and test their own image analysis tools, or easily deploy algorithms from dedicated vendors.

  • Count and Measure Algorithms (i.e. IHC staining)
  • Diagnostic Support Algorithms (i.e. mitotic event and malignancy detection)
  • Prognostic Algorithms (i.e. risk of distant metastasis)
  • Predictive Algorithms (i.e. benefit of specific therapy designs)
  • Multi-Modal Fusion Algorithms (i.e. rad/path/mole combinations)

Benefits of Dynamyx™


  • Familiarization with just a single user-interface required for all steps in the reporting workflow.
  • Expend more time on cases reflective of your domain expertise and specialism.
  • Collaborate on cases in real-time for immediate second opinions, training and teaching.Access and work cases remotely.
  • Build and test your own image analysis algorithms, or quickly introduce those from dedicated providers.
  • Gain deeper insights into your patients’ cancers to help guide more personalized care.

Laboratory Management

  • Maximize the value of both prior and future investments in adjacent technologies.
  • Leverage individual and aggregate case throughput insights to manage backlogs and exploit capacity.
  • Increase your bench of specialist clinicians through digital case outsourcing.
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in. Images and data are not restricted by proprietary formats.
  • Reduce costs and delays associated with the physical shipping of glass slides.
  • Efficient management. Just the single number to call for delivery, installation and maintenance.

Dynamyx™ is CE-marked in accordance with the IVD Directive.