Aiforia AI models and the AI model development platform, Aiforia Create, are currently sold for research use only (RUO). AI-POWERED ANALYSIS Is your pathology lab ready to experience the full benefits of a digitized clinical workflow?

Aiforia Clinical Suite

One diagnostic platform, infinite clinical possibilities.


The challenge

Rising rates of disease like cancer increase sample numbers creating a bigger burden on pathologists, an already underrepresented group of healthcare professionals. In the US, pathologists dropped from 2.03% to 1.43% as a percentage of total physicians in the past 10 years. The workload has consequently increased by 41.73%.1 Pathologists have more cases and less time to review them in. Additionally, according to the World Health Organization, the density of pathologists is approximately 1 in 15,000 in high income countries, 1 in 1 million in some African countries2. The challenge is exacerbated by the fact that current clinical tools and processes available to pathologists are manual and subjective. Posing a high opportunity for error including misdiagnosis and even missed diagnoses. Patients often wait longer for their results and suboptimal treatments are administered.

The solution

The digitization of pathology enhances clinical lab workflows and enables more efficient collaboration, digital pathology is not the whole answer. Effective treatment begins with a fast, precise diagnosis. The Aiforia Clinical Suite provides pathologists with the tools they need to not only accelerate sample review and to substantially increase productivity, but to also improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. Each Clinical Suite includes a ready-to-use AI model, a browser-based viewer, and an intuitive quality control (QC) platform, for diagnostic support, case prioritization, automated reporting and more. You don’t need to adapt to start using Aiforia’s solutions, we adapt to meet your needs — the Clinical Suite can be seamlessly integrated into any existing lab setup, PACS and LIS. Pathologists deserve the best assistance possible to harness the full power of their own expertise.

THE AIFORIA CLINICAL SUITE Unique and powerful features

Aiforia Clinical AI model for diagnostic support

  • Improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce bias and standardize analysis in sample review
  • Speed up time-consuming tasks to free up more time for rare and complex cases
  • Increase diagnostic confidence

Aiforia Clinical viewer CE-IVD marked

  • The viewer is case-centric, designed specifically for the disease of that Clinical Suite
  • Shows WSI, findings with context, AI result masks, a gridview sorted with severity of finding
  • Enables fast and easy manual markings
  • Automatically generated reports available
  • You can either use it as a stand-alone viewer or integrate it into your existing setup

Aiforia Platform for QC and adaptation

  • An intuitive user interface in which you can easily adapt your AI model to accommodate changes if they are needed
  • Easy management and monitoring for QC and auditing purposes
  • The platform is compatible with FDA and CE guidelines

Aiforia Clinical AI model for pre-analysis screening

  • Speed up time to diagnosis and detect more cases by triaging and prioritizing samples right from the start
  • Improve lab and workflow efficiency

Aiforia Clinical AI model for post-analysis screening

  • To act as a safety net by confirming the decisions of the pathologist and alerting them to potentially suspicious findings
  • Enabling the detection of more cases and reduce error rates to improve patient safety and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs

Aiforia Clinical Suite for Prostate Cancer: Overview and demo

Watch this presentation with Aiforia’s Director of Application Development, Dr. Sami Blom, to see and hear more about the Aiforia Clinical Suite, with prostate cancer as a case example of what we are currently developing.

Benefits of the Aiforia Clinical Suite

Infinite clinical possibilities: One diagnostic support platform

We are currently developing Clinical Suites for the most prevalent cancers in the world (prostate, breast, lung, colorectal, ovarian and skin) as well as chronic conditions like IBD. That is not all. The Aiforia Clinical Suite can cater to any disease — with our adaptable AI model development platform you can deploy it for any clinical requirement. Our vision is an end-to-end solution supporting the full clinical workflow, powered by AI-assisted diagnostics.